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Jiuding Group Holds Phased Work Consultation (Phase II)
Release time:2019-05-30        From:Newspaper news

    On the afternoon of May 30, Jiuding Group held a stage work consultation (the second phase). The meeting was chaired by Gu Qingbo, the chairman of the group. The relevant leaders and backbone personnel of the companies and responsible bodies participated in the meeting.

    Relevant responsible persons focus on market development, product process improvement, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, quality improvement and other aspects, respectively, their early business situation and subsequent work deployment were reported.

    President Gu Qingbo pointed out that in the process improvement and innovation of products, departments should not only consider the quality and cost requirements of their own departments and processes, but also have the thinking of systematic management, comprehensive consideration of the impact on the quality of final products, as well as the overall cost. This should become a system without any deficiencies.
    President Gu Qingbo stressed that the current work has been greatly improved compared with the past, but can not be satisfied with this. We should establish the concept of benchmarking management, use the method of "level, trend, comparison and integration" to evaluate the results, compare with competitors and industry benchmarking, go out to learn, and constantly improve and innovate. On the basis of satisfying customers'needs, enterprises can achieve sustainable development.
    Gu Qingbo, chairman of the board of directors, demanded that leaders should be far-sighted, without which they could not be far-sighted. To make use of every opportunity to learn and improve, this meeting provided such an opportunity for participants. We should study and study carefully, fill up shortcomings quickly, and avoid partial discipline. Only by continuous learning and upgrading can we better understand the current global economic competition situation, comprehensively identify risks and opportunities, and adopt appropriate measures to ensure sustainable development. (Zhou Zhixin, Enterprise Management Department)