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Jiuding New Materials Conference on Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality
Release time:2019-05-29        From:Newspaper news

    In the afternoon of May 29, Gu Runjian, general manager of Jiuding New Materials, held a meeting on safety, environmental protection and quality. Also attending the meeting were Assistant General Manager Zhang Youlian, Deputy Director of Safety Zhou Zhixin, Deputy Director of Human Resources Gu Zhenhua, all personnel of the Enterprise Management Department and the person in charge of public utilities. At the same time, Group Chairman Gu Qingbo also attended the meeting.

    General Manager Gu Runjian has put forward new requirements for safety, environmental protection and quality management: first, we should deepen the implementation of total quality management, lay a good quality foundation for the company to enter new business areas, let total quality management take root in workshops and teams; second, we should introduce, train, establish channels, performance evaluation, etc. Methods To effectively and efficiently improve the quality and ability of safety, environmental protection and quality management personnel; Thirdly, to keep abreast of and surpass the needs of customers and markets, to create a first-class environment and conditions for safety, environmental protection and quality, and to do a good job in supporting services, so as to lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development, safety development, green development and high-quality development of the company. A solid foundation. Zhang Youlian and Zhou Zhixin made statements respectively, expressing that they should create a new situation of work and take a new step in accordance with the new division of responsibilities and management requirements.

    President Gu Qingbo has given important instructions on safety and environmental protection from the national strategic requirements for safety, environmental protection and green development, as well as from the company's long-term development, high-quality development and the pursuit of excellence. It is required to implement the safety of all levels of departments, implement the responsibility system of environmental protection, compact the responsibility, innovate the mechanism, clarify the objectives, and systematically identify the influencing factors and risks of safety and environmental protection in production processes, processes and equipment, so as to enhance the ability of management and control, so as to realize the work of safety, environmental protection and quality management this year. All-round promotion. (Business Administration Department Xie Kangjun)